Nocturnal Essence

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Gwen Brighton
The most secretive of the Chicago Nocturn family's inner circle, and yet the most trusted. ... more
Danielle Singleton
Lead singer of Dark Muse and owner of the Blood Haven, a nightclub and Nocturn meeting hall. ... more
Vincent Vorn
Duke of Downtown Chicago and defacto reagent of the Nocturn families. ... more
Eddie Valentine
Vorn's right hand man and chief enforcer ... more
Victoria Deneuve
She's the one who really runs this town... if you ask her. ... more
Kurt Larson
A werewolf without a pack trying to find his place in the world. ... more
Anthony Cordova
Corporate mogul with a strong interest in Nocturns and magic artifacts. ... more
An immortal sorcerer and master manipulator ... more
Order of the Silver Cross
Mercenary Nocturn Hunters ... more
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