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Gwen Brighton

Gwen was introduced to the 21st century the night that Danielle found her comatose in a tomb. When the vampire awoke, she revealed only her name. She clearly did not want to talk about whatever had happened to her, but was eager to start her new life.

Danielle introduced Gwen to the new world that she now found herself. Their friendship soon turned intimate, which was ironic considering that the first thing Gwen did when she was revived was to try to kill her.

Even though she is only a recent addition to the vampire families, Gwen became part of the inner circle with ease. She possesses a commanding presence, regal without being elitist.

Very little is known about her, publicly or even among the other family leaders. Aside from her accent giving away her British heritage, it is only known that she is far older than she lets on, and as such has far more secrets. Even Danielle only knows half the story.
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