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Vincent Vorn

Vorn lived the phrase "speak softly and carry a big stick" long before Teddy Roosevelt was born. He is a master tactician, playing nocturn politics like an artist without ever appearing manipulative. He is disarmingly calm and cool in any situation, with a dry sense of humor and a seemingly innocent presence, but a commanding tone when needed.

Although it is common practice for vampires to live under an assumed name, even the most eccentric have had to ask why a man born in Hong Kong goes by a name of mixed European heritage. Vorn responds with a chuckle and says simply that he is named after his father.

He is the Duke of Downtown Chicago and surrounding areas, including the neighborhood where Blood Haven is located. He practically built the local Nocturn society as it exists today. The only one he's been known to confide in is his chief aide, Eddie Valentine.
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