I've been busy. Very busy. You see I have this other life . . . But due to the wonders of a good buffer, I have brought you today's comic. Enjoy. And note that this is actually the first comic that contains diolouge by a character other than the bird.

Anyway, I have a deviantart now (shame on me, i know). It's listed in my profile, go check it out, blah blah whatever. I've been making an honest effort to get into this whole digital art thing, and I think I've done a pretty good job, for a newbie. Not that there's all that much there to gawk at, currently. Also, I will be posting all further news on DA, so as not to foul up the artwork here, which is why I'm being rather verbose with this post.

Also, before people begin to actually SAY anything (what a luxury that would be), I do mention an upcoming comic idea on DA (with a meager sketch to back it up). I intend this to be a much longer work than GNGL, with actual chapters and a cohesive story. It'll end up being about as far from GNGL as you can possibly get, comics-wise. Especially considering that it'll be set in space.

That's all for now, comment if you have anything to say.

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