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A lazy moronic oaf who lives with Gunk in a filthy, run-down shack in the boonies. His clothes indicate that he is a farmer, although he hasn't grown a single crop in his whole life.

He mostly get his sustenance from cheap canned goods and any animal he can shoot, or makes Gunk shoot if he doesn't feel like getting up. His prized possessions include his collection of unlicensed guns, his rickety truck, and a car seat that he uses as a lounge chair. He never went to school, instead everything he knows about the world he learns from an old black-and-white TV set, which he keeps on top of a larger, broken TV set.

It isn't quite known how Brunkle is related to Gunk, if at all. Is he his father? Brother? Uncle? Cousin? Possibly all four? Brunkle's treatment of Gunk can be ranked from "abusive" to "subhuman." He forces Gunk to do all the hard work and makes him sleep on the floor. In spite of all this Gunk still looks up to Brunkle like a father-figure, and will happily do anything he tells him to. Back to the Cast Page
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