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Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, more or less


Alex Warren
Alex is like, the main character. He's the one this whole freaking comic is about. ... more
Mike Warren
A senior, and a bit of a lady's man, and obnoxious older brother, Mike likes to give Alex a hard time because he's emo. But deep down he cares about his younger brother, although he'd rather be caught dead than admit it. ... more
Sam Hollow
A kind and gentle spirit, Sam has secrtely had a crush on Mike since 6th grade. As much as she would like for Mike to say he feels the same way, she fears Mike is too depressed to notice anyone ... more
Megan Clarke
Megan, a Sophomore, and long-time friend of the Warren family, especially Mike. Still discovering her vampiric powers, she walks the life of shadows of a vampire. ... more

the only thing that hurts more than pain is the absence of emotion

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