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Fire and Lead

Complete until further notice

So this comic was made to be entered in a manga contest (you'll already know if you read Emo-tionless). I was cruising around, looking for a contest to enter, and saw this SacAnime contest. With a grand total of  four weeks to do this, I was cranking out one or two pages a day. EVERY freakn day!! for a whole MONTH on top of school, homework and everything. But i was like "what the heck" and thought it would be a good challenge. I still don't know if it won or even wa accepted, but all letchya know if it wins or not.

 Special thank to Jeremiah for enduring all my tantrums, panic-attacks, and inspirational deficits and for bugging me late at night when I was supposed to be working. Ok, not 9ish...whatevr *hug* :3

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