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Well, you've gotten this far, meaning either you like my work enough to be curious about the artist, or you want to stalk me. But if you're interested in the latter, sorry, I'm not handing out any personal info, not that you'd want to stalk me anyway. If you want a general idea of my physical appearance, think Harry Potter's sister. Or just Harry Potter. Yeah, there tends to be a lot of confusion there.

So, i've been drawing basically ever since I picked a marker when I was 2 and drew a horse. From that moment I was given a large red unoffical stamp entitled "THE ARTIST" that hasn't really rubbed off at all through the years. I generally draw my own realism, and dabbled into manga once or twice, but it wasn't until I hooked myself have I really tried to master the art. (no pun intended) Manga's a lot of fun, however, I have to admit mine doesn't look very authentic yet. But I'll get there! I'm passionate about my art, and can be extremely competitive.

 Where do I draw? Under my desk at school (yes, i've gotten into trouble a few times for that), during lunch, and when I get home, I chill in a nest of blankets that's a bed, i guess, if you stretch the definition a little. All the drawings are born and raised within the pages a of a hardbacked sketchbook (which is rather a pain to scan, by the way). If you see me at school , I may grudgingly hand it over to your oggling eyes if you plead enough.

About the Emotionless and its origin. So, I was IMing my friends, pestering them for ideas.

Friend #1: "make it about a bunch of emo kids who beat up preppies."

Me: "Uh, okay. What aout dragons? They'd be fun to draw."

Friend # 1: "Um, no dragons. make it something people can relate to."

Me: "Howabout werewolves? Werewolves are cool."

Friend # 1: "No. No werewolves."

Me:" don't like fantasy, do you?"

Friend #1: "No, I dont"

So, I didn't follow his advice for that part, but hey, it's my comic. The orgegin of the characters is pretty interesting. Alex's name was orginaly Mike, and his big brother was Jake, but my friend Mike was all, "Hey, make him me." So after some editing, it became Alex and Mike. But I don't think I'm going to make you a demon boy, sorry Mike. And Megan is modelled after a real person, only  she isn't a vampire in real life. I don't think so, anyway.

Well I guess that's enough for now. Keep reading! The story just keeps getting more interesting as we go. And for you soap opra addicts, there'll be some romantic tension, don't worry!

the only thing that hurts more than pain is the absence of emotion