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Wednesday - April 6, 2005:

I love today's transformation from Pink to pencil back to pink, never quite making it either way. I've had a couple of conversations with people recently about the logic behind the strip. Are they pencils or are they a pencil? Do they have legs? I have thought a bit about thes issues, but I assumed the answers were obvious; they are no more than convenient drawings, creations, vehicles.

(I have three days of important and solid work ahead so this is the last you'll be hearing from me until Monday though I will try to do a quick blog entry to go along with Friday's strip. Sorry and thanks for your patience.)

-Bob Stevenson 

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Bob Stevenson (rstevenson) says:


1. Written by Guest, on 06-04-2005 04:07
Awesome. Just awesome. 


2. Written by Guest, on 06-04-2005 09:15
I could actually hear the drum fill


3. Written by Guest, on 06-04-2005 16:17
Great follow up to a great guest strip! 


4. Written by Guest, on 06-04-2005 16:17
In response to the "what are HB and Pink are" thoughts... 
My first cartoon had them waking up sharing a body by being on the same pencil a la "The Thing with 2 heads"....but yeah. I always assumed them to be 2 pencils in an holder next to someone's computer...and they magically come to life or some such crap. Or something like that. I blame Disney's iron grip on my Childhood.


5. Written by Guest, on 06-04-2005 16:18
The above post was me btw. Sorry. 


6. Written by Guest, on 06-04-2005 17:12
I've got some fan art to share on the subject. Cool stuff, but I haven't the time to give it a propor post today. 
-Bob Stevenson


7. Written by Guest, on 06-04-2005 17:53
ooops - that's "proper."  
And I'm talkin' cat-dog logic with the fan art. 
-Bob Stevenson

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