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I heard they're going to kill Wolverine next.

Monday, August 27, 2007:


So I can't really recommend The Comics Journal to everyone. It's heady writing and interviews about everything comics. Yes, that includes the superhero stuff from time to time, but more often it's the rest, the alternative, the obscure, the avant garde. It is a publication that some comic fans will grow into. Most won't. That said, it is one of the comic's greatest hopes to be considered Art with a capital A (a designation I don't care all that much about). That's right, despite Maus and Ghost World and Persepolis and Palookaville and Krazy Kat and Mr. Natural and Gasoline Alley and Stray Bullets and dozens of other masterpieces (my list, feel free to add and subtract where your passions lie), comics haven't yet risen to the occasion, at least not in the minds of the ivory-towered denizens who make those sorts of decisions. Gary Groth seems to me to be making the best case out there with The Comics Journal. And I'm not just saying that because Smithson co-conspirator, Roger Langridge, is featured in the latest issue.

-Bob Stevenson 

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Daniel Woodhouse (dancartoons) says: just like comics should be.
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