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Monday, November 26:

I've enjoyed watching the rise of Project Wonderful among webcomic advertising tools. I can't say I have a grasp of how it's doing beyond the webcomics world, but it feels like it's still waiting to be discovered by a larger audience of advertisers.

That said, I think I've made a total of only a few bucks off it in the past couple of months. But then, I've never had anything close to a popular webcomic. Maybe I should take HB's advice.

Oh, in case you haven't seen it yet, I've got a little webcomic experiment going on called Stripped Off. It's too early for me to say much about where it's headed, but it is a twisted little experiment for me. Thanks for checking it out.

-Bob Stevenson

Bob Stevenson (rstevenson) says:

I just noticed the strip has started making the top twenty for the day from time to time. Cool! I have no idea who new's checking it out or why but thanks. I'm spreading out my energy between all four strips and not on a schedule so check back once in a while.

I've also started digging back into the archives and updating links and issues. I'd love some help in this if you'd like to help me update the place. It's actually kind of fun trying to sort out what happened with this and that.

Bob Stevenson (rstevenson) says:

So my birthday's tomorrow (December 7). The Social Studies Department where I work had a cake with the guys on it made. Check it out before I eat it on the Fan Art Page:

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