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Crime - Solved.

August 6, 2009:

I don't own a gun. I did see someone shot and killed by one in Waterbury, Connecticut a few years ago.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and we were having a tag sale in the front yard. A fireman was collecting money at the stop light a few feet away for muscular dystrophy with a big boot. A guy pulled up in a sports car, got out of his car, and fired about five shots killing the fireman, jumped back in his car and took off. I ran into the apartment and got into an argument with the 911 dispatcher saying the shooting was at the top of the hill. They told me I must have heard shots from the bottom of the hill. The guy had already killed his neighbor at the bottom of the hill in an argument over a parking space, stolen his car drove up the hill to kill the fireman, then to his ex-wife's house who was dating the fireman. There he killed his ex-wife and I think her mother before killing himself in a stand-off with police.

My wife and I left the country a few months later to teach in Cyprus.

-Bob Stevenson 

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