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Something silly.

Monday, August 17, 2009:

Of the hundreds of strips I've done in my life, one of my only attempts at slapstick was best received (HERE). Here's another attempt - punchline and all.

-Bob Stevenson 

William George (thewilliamg) says:

Holy crap, Bob! I had no idea you were still at it until I link-stumbled my way here...


Bob Stevenson (rstevenson) says:

So I'll be at MoCCA this weekend with four new books and a print for sale. I haven't been posting comics, but I sure have been busy drawing. The four books include: HB Comics and Stories #2, Pulped, The Recessionist, and a short little pamphlet called Kenya.

Bob Stevenson (rstevenson) says:

I deleted a comment here, not because it was negative. It was - letting everyone know the comic sucked.  That's not why I deleted it, though. It's gone because it included a link to an essay-purchasing site. I'm not big on throwing money around and calling it your brain. As for the comic sucking, I'm not a fan of this sort of joke either, all slapstick and puns.

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