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They're back - again.


So I decided to print a second issue of HB Comics and Stories. Picking up where I left off, though, was not going to work. Most of the strips were either out of date or reviews of strips that have long since fallen off the face of the net.

So I sat there looking at the art. Some of it had a nice rhythm, no words, no photoshop, just rhythm. I decided to try letting the pictures inspire the writing. For the next 45 strips, that's what you'll get. Sorry, no color, no font, no filters. I scan 'em, knock up the contrast and post 'em.

I'd call it lazy except I've actually done about 45 other pages of art over the past couple of months, getting ready for MoCCA. To purchase copies of those books and the reformated HB strips (HB Comics and Stories #2), hop on over to and drop them into your cart. They're two bucks each. While you're there, check out the couple hundred old books from my collection. Even if you're not interested in buying them, there are some brutally honest descriptions.


Bob Stevenson

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