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Honest, I'm a better teacher than this, but I just couldn't resist. I was once forced to decorate my room, but I ended up taking the demand seriously and putting up some really cool stuff, only some of which I found in the closet. I'm undecided about whether to continue this scene or move on. The next scene is rather long so I'm not opposed to capping this one for now. I'm a little worried I'll be introducing too much at once though. The next scene will mean three plots going in three different time periods in three different regions. Of course those first few pages are getting put away for a long, long time so maybe I don't need to count them in the mix. Eventually, they'll be just a distant and curious memory.

Oh, and this page is based, loosely, on a couple of real people/events. Aubrey's character is a combination of several students, but mostly one I had seven years ago, a tough kid to teach but very interested in history. During our study of ancient Egypt, she actually called a bunch of funeral parlors to get price quotes on mumification. I guarantee this is not the end of Aubrey's interest in the Isle of Demons.

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