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When Zack gets dumped by his longtime girlfriend, Ashley, Zack's best friend, Simon, builds him an UPGRADED robot copy of Ashley to cheer him up. Much craziness ensues! Obsolete is a sci-fi comedy in a high school setting.
Updates once a week... life permitting :P

Obsolete - The Webcomic!

Updates once a week... life permitting :P


Zachary Wilcox
Zack has just been dumped and has been given a Robot copy of his ex-girlfriend, Ashley, that he has no idea what to do with. All he knows is that the robot isn't exactly what he had in mind when he told his best friend Simon that he wanted her back. ... more
Simon Greenwich
Simon is an Inventor that has a few patents that make sure he doesnt have to worry about money. He could have graduated High School already but wanted to graduate with his friends. ... more
Ashley Creek
Getting tired of Zack always giving excuses for not doing stuff with her, Ashley dumped Zack for Rick, who has no problems with going out to try new things. ... more
Kathy Wilcox
Zack's younger sister, Kathy, is always up to something. She is mischief incarnate. ... more
Supporting Cast: Fritz

'Salamander Studio' is the home office of Chris Wharton. 'Obsolete' is the Copyright of Chris Wharton as of its creation 2006 - 2007. All Rights Reserved.

Updates once a week... life permitting :P
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Chris Wharton is a long time aspiring artist with lots of ideas and dreams, a full time job and never enough time. One of those dreams was to be a comic book artist, so 'Obsolete' is his first try. Contact Chris at ObsoleteComic@gmail.com ... full profile