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When Zack gets dumped by his longtime girlfriend, Ashley, Zack's best friend, Simon, builds him an UPGRADED robot copy of Ashley to cheer him up. Much craziness ensues! Obsolete is a sci-fi comedy in a high school setting.
Updates once a week... life permitting :P

Obsolete - The Webcomic!

Updates once a week... life permitting :P
Kathy Wilcox

Zack's younger sister, Kathy, is always up to something. She is mischief incarnate. Always pulling a scam, pulling your leg, or pulling the wool over some poor soul's eyes. She is said to have a softer, 'Sweet' side, but this is only a rumor and (like anything she is accused of) will be denied unless otherwise proven.

Hobbies: Scheming, plotting, sewing seeds of chaos and discontent... and tormenting Zack >:) Back to the Cast Page

'Salamander Studio' is the home office of Chris Wharton. 'Obsolete' is the Copyright of Chris Wharton as of its creation 2006 - 2007. All Rights Reserved.

Updates once a week... life permitting :P
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Chris Wharton is a long time aspiring artist with lots of ideas and dreams, a full time job and never enough time. One of those dreams was to be a comic book artist, so 'Obsolete' is his first try. Contact Chris at ObsoleteComic@gmail.com ... full profile