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Chris Wharton was one of those kids that always said he wanted to be an Artist. Growing up on a steady diet of 'Duck Tales', 'Calvin and Hobbes', 'Image' Comics, 'Ranma 1/2', and countless other Comics and TV shows, he cultivated a taste for stories that had Humor, Action, Power, Love, and a little Fantasy/Sci-Fi thrown in to add Flavor. He earned his BFA in Sequential Art at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). Now working a 40+ hour week at a non-art related job, he spends his free time watching his large movie collection, 'Friends' and 'Stargate SG1' with his wife Melody, reading when he can find the time, walking his Dogs Lokie and Isis, making Children's Books and Web Comics. Contact Chris at ObsoleteComic@gmail.com (please have patience, I don't check my email every day ^_^) 'Salamander Studio, TM' is the home office of Chris Wharton. 'Obsolete' is the Copyright of Chris Wharton as of its creation 2006-2007. All Rights Reserved.