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More Sandgate character rough concepts. Couple of Arbiters, not sure where they'll appear yet (no sooner than Book 3, since the first two books are already finalized).

Evey Fuerte, the one on the left, is an expert on EVP. She's considered a child prodigy (she's 16) in the BPI, and it shows, since she's an arrogant bitch. She speaks in Spanglish, and the headphones she wears only give off White Noise.

Urie Burrows (on the right) is one of the several creatures that work for the BPI. She's normally pretty shy and bookish (it's hard to be outgoing when you're gaze turns people to stone) but has a huge pet peeve with people calling her a Medusa. ("Medusa was a single member of a larger species called Gorgons, you uneducated prick, read a GOD DAMN BOOK, etc.") The goggles filter her death gaze.

 I've noticed I'm kind of a whore for puns. Can you figure these two out (hint: Urie has a double pun, but the second is near impossible to figure out unless you've studied Greek Mythology in depth)?

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