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Cybil Burroughs, Miss Midnight, has done something other heroes only dream about: she has made the career profitable. Through sponsorships for everything from tennis shoes to fine perfume, her two best-selling memoirs, and guest appearances on various celebrity game shows, she's amassed a small fortune in between stopping evil-doers. The pundits love her and the fanboys lust over her; everything is perfect.

All that is only surface fluff, though. While the public sees an epic battle with a formidable nemesis, what is really going on is a cleverly choreographed act. Midnight's entire rogues' gallery are secretly her employees; paid to attempt schemes and fail on purpose. In fact, she hasn't prevented an actual crime from happening in over seven years. Naturally, there needs to be a civilian casualty now and then to round out the performance, but those are only minor business expenses. It should be noted that there was a time when Burroughs' intentions were pure; she does have powers (manipulation of shadows) and she can use them, it's just that her new methods are better business.

There have been a number of journalists who have pointed out how strange it is that a crime-fighter can incorporate an evening gown and stiletto heels into her costume and not trip over her own feet, but all of their careers have dried up overnight.



Sometimes I dust off Combat Crisis! for a laugh. /co/ liked it, so maybe I should put a bit more effort into this series (hahaha, sorry Kelso)? 

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