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Marie Green & Fingers McGee
Living proof that charity never ends well. Well, "living" is a figure of speech. ... more
Trishanne Jones
What, are you expecting something witty here? You and your entitlement issues can piss off. ... more
Willit Vespa
Here to protect you from ghosts, ghouls, and other... scary... like, things. Yeah. ... more
Malachi Vespa thinking about you naked. ... more
Arianne "Cobwebs" Fotori
He certainly is a classy fellow who surely has nothing to hide! ... more
Mosko, King of Mosquitos
Doesn't want to drink your dirty mortal blood. ... more
Maxamilion Sahara
He's the straight man. Rimshot, can I get a rimshot, Paul? ... more
Supporting Cast: ????? Annabelle Jovie Roxanne Slash
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Jeff Gum ||   

Since this is the internet, Jeff doesn't go by his actual name. You can call him Tekk. ... full profile