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Barely got this beast in on Tuesday, but I pulled through! This is a step in the right direction for my resolve.


Anyway, let's talk about Illuminatus. In the original scripting of Chapter Four, Trish actually challenged Sahara to a game of Magic: the Gathering, but when I decided to cut out any real world references in Sandgate that left a big story shaped hole in my script. I had, however, been musing on developing a card game on my own, and the flavor of the game worked well in the Sandgate universe, so I killed one bird with another bird and ended up using that.

Before you ask how to play Illuminatus, I have to admit I don't know either. While I haven't abandoned it and still like tinkering, the game is eons from a playable model. Some things that have solidified are that it involves alchemists building machines and that there are seven playable factions, seperated into different alchemical metals: Gold, Silver, Mercury, Iron, Lead, Copper, and Tin.

Also, there's some new fanart up! It involves Mosko... kinda. You've got to see it yourself.


Come back Friday for a new character bio (hint: It's a girl) and then on Tuesday for some steampunk gunslinging action!

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