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Short story: The comic can now be found at Easier to remember, huh?


Long story: Webcomics Nation has fallen to worms. Since the Comicspace merger, Joey Manley has been too preoccupied with legal business to pay any attention to his service, and the tech teams simply aren't doing their jobs. The statistics page on the control panel hasn't worked in months, comics (including Sandgate itself, if Twitter is to be trusted) have been infected with malware, the support forum is desolate, and no one on the business end really seems to care. I don't harbor any real ill will for WCN, since it's been great to me for the last four years, but it simply just isn't performing to the level of quality I need it to be anymore. If and when these issues DO get resolved, there's a good chance I might bring this site back as a mirror, but until then, I'm out.


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