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Normally I try my hardest to keep Sandgate within what would probably equal a TVY7 rating, and I know this pushes that, but the benefit hopefully outweighs the consequences. Malachi's pervertedness is an integral part of his character and it's hard to make a someone as lecherous as him work and still expect it to be suitable for kids. It's mostly left up to the imagination, so I think we're ok.

Also in today's installment, link dropping! First up, the topsite and cast page for my new side project, Combat Crisis, is up and running, so be sure to look those over when you get the chance. You can click the link, and there's the dropdown above the comic where it's hanging out too. Another, DHS Comix does it for the lulz with knives and bricks.  Despite the fact that Merlin is both a Something Awful Goon and a 4channer, she's one of the best the internet has to offer. Be sure to mosey on over there when you get the chance, and don't get the wrong impression from what I've told you, the comic itself isn't full of serious business.

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