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I know what you're thinking. What the hell is this, right? A Wednesday update?! Here's another schedule update: For the duration of summer, there will always be a comic on Tuesday. That isn't going to change. However, there will also be bonus updates at various days of the week, and hopefully each week will have two strips, which means one 'bonus' each week. Get excited!


Funny story about this strip. Notice how Willit's stuffed into the backround and doesn't look happy about it? In the rough sketch, I actually drew Willit four times before realizing that he just wouldn't fit. So, rather than reblock the whole scene, I just made it into a gag for the keen eyed. (In retrospect it's not all that funny.)


Remember how I said 'at least' at the beginning of the newspost. This week, I'm actually going to try to draw a comic each day between now and Saturday. It might fail horribly, but the whole reason I started Sandgate was to practice my skills, and THIS WILL BE MY FINEST HOUR!!

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