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Chili is a shy penguin, looking for love. ... more
Lenny is a lemming that has phliosophical issues, and that has fear to jump down a cliff like most lemmings do. ... more
Mac is a cat that seems to have escaped a classic b/w cartoon. ... more
Alice escaped Wonderland to stay in Chili's World. ... more
Casiopaeia is a turtle, that looks as life slowly passes by. ... more
Ant is an ant, and can be seen throughout Chili's World, always wondering what is going on... ... more

This is a webcomic about a penguin and his friends, things falling from the sky, relationships, falling in love, coffee, philosophy, friendship, lemmings, Neverland and other weird stuff.


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Santiago writes and illustrates comics. You can contact him at chilisworld [at] ... full profile