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File 49 Book II: The Search for Lennox

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Keith - (Number Two)
Age 32 - Keith was 18 when the project was terminated. A loner, he's spent the last 15 years doing odd jobs and smoking. Being the the most proficient with his gifts, but unable to understand them...has led him to a serious drinking problem. ... more
Josh - (Number Twenty-Eight)
Age 18 - Josh has been very sheltered from his connection to The Project. He was quickly adopted and has had a quiet, average, suburban upbringing. Living alone with his mother, he has had little to no experience with his gifts. ... more
Truely - (Number Thirty-One)
Age 16 - Truely is the youngest of the project children. ... more
Oliver Hunter
Age 25 - What we know about oliver is very limited. Having a background he doesn't talk about...he is the only person that can NOT be sensed by Keith, Josh and Truely. ... more
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