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File 49



Age 32 - Keith was 18 when the project was terminated. A loner, he's spent the last 15 years doing odd jobs and smoking. Being the the most proficient with his gifts, but unable to understand them...has led him to a serious drinking problem. ... more
Age 15 - Truely is the youngest of the project children. After the projects demise she was lost in the foster care system. Being shuffled from family to family, she has had many poor parental experiences which has left her untrusting. ... more
Age 18 - Josh has been very sheltered from his connection to The Project. He was quickly adopted and has had a quiet, average, suburban upbringing. ... more
Age 25 - What we know about oliver is very limited. Having a background he doesn't talk about...he is the only person that can NOT be sensed by Keith, Josh and Truely. ... more
Age 30 - Agent Claire Parker has just been reassigned to the Keeper Division as White's new agent. Just being introduced to File 49, she has an overwhelming desire to impress and rise in rank. ... more
Age 56 - Agent White is the head of the Keeper Division. He was the creator of File 49 and responsible for the porject's termination 15 years prior. ... more
Age 33 - Christian is the oldest of the Project Children. The ability to read minds has only left him angry, bitter and filled with jealousy. ... more
Age 67 - Lennox is the father and soul creator of the "Lennox Project" involving 31 gifted children and 19 doctors. ... more
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