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The Ghosts of Pineville

Every Monday & Thursday


Chopper lives in Pineville with his mother and 3 sisters. He likes horror movies, comics, fishing, and bicycles. He is currently saving up to buy a Schwinn TigerTail with his paper route money. Chopper's best friend is Hank Goode. ... more
Hank is Chopper's best friend. He lives on the edge of Pineville with his older brother Roger. He likes candy bars, frogs, and collecting old radio parts. He works a paper route with Chopper and spends all his money on zero bars and transistors. ... more
Glory is Chopper's next-door-neighbor. Her father owns the Pineville Gas Mart where he works as a mechanic with Glory's older brother J.T. Fiercley independent, Glory can not only fix the family lawn mower, but cook up a great pot of chili! ... more
J.T. is Glory's older brother. During the day he works with his father at The Gas Mart. At night he hangs-out with Roger or tinkers in the garage on his Oldsmobile Rocket 88. ... more
Doris is Chopper's older sister. A little more down-to-earth than his other sisters, Doris is often more in touch with what her little brother is up to. She works at the Pineville Library. ... more
Candy is Chopper's other older sister. Candy is often called "the prettiest girl in town" which makes her very popular. She works at the make-up counter at the Pineville department store, Hess's. ... more
Lucy is Chopper's younger sister. She is usually found at her mother's side. ... more
Roger is Hank's older brother. He works odd jobs around Pineville. When he's not ignoring or torturing his little brother he can usually be found shuffling up and down Main St. looking for trouble. ... more
Anna is Chopper's mother. Tender and good-natured, Anna is a wonderful mother to her busy brood. She works at Hess's department store with daughter Candy, as inventory manger. ... more

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