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Graduation Day



Uno -- AKA Number One -- AKA Christian
Age 19. Uno is the oldest boy of the Lennox Project. With the title of "number one", the weight of competition has been a burden on Uno's back his entire life. ... more
Deuce -- AKA Number Two -- AKA Keith
Age 18. Deuce is the group's mascot…more likable and easy-going than Uno and more responsible than the younger boys. ... more
Trey -- AKA Number Three
Age 18. Trey is the strong-arm in the group, but also the calmest. He could be a good fighter if he just wasn't so laid back all the time. ... more
Quarter -- AKA Number Four
Age 17. Quarter is the youngest in the oldest boy's dormitory. He is also the meekest. Though he is always includes in whatever mischief the oldest boys get into, he is seldom found smoking or drinking… ... more
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