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Ty Everglade

Name: Ty Everglade
Age: 22
Height: 5'6"

Ty is a rambunctious boy with an attitude problem. His "mother" sent him to the castle to work as punishment for being a delinquent. His papers were mixed up and now he works as Princess Nadel's personal slave.

To most people, Ty is rude and harsh. But to the people he's managed to make friends with hes rather nice. He has a lot of personal issues and finds it hard to be open with most anyone.

As far as family life goes, he has a woman who looks out for him. Everyone thinks she is his mother, but she isn't.
His mother and father were seemingly killed in a car accident.

Ty holds down two jobs, Princes Nadel's slave and an apprentice to the famous magician, Jack Bone.

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Story and Illustrations by Lanie McCarry
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