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P. Feist

Name: P. Feist
Age: 27
Height: 6'2"

Feist is a quiet individual, and is very stern. He doesn't talk to many people, even his housemates. He is a shy person.

Out of everyone, Ty knows the least about Feist. They rarely talk to each other, though when they do it is pleasant. It's awkward for them to be alone together simply because they don't ever talk.

Feist is an amazing chef who studied under some of the most skilled chefs of the kingdom. And now he works as the head chef in the castle and prepares food for the royal family.

AS Abagale buys the food, Feist always cooks it for everyone. However, he only cooks dinner. He wont cook them breakfast since he is usually gone before 5 am.

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Story and Illustrations by Lanie McCarry
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