The Highwaymen- story by Adira Rotstein- art by Isabelle Melancon

Mick Redon

"Who does Mick Redon think he is?"

That's what Tom Boyd is wondering. He believes Mick and his partner O'Terry betrayed the Boyd gang to the Bow Street Runners, the 18th century's version of the police force. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Runners tortured the luckless O'Terry for information about the vicious Boyds after Mick and O'Terry split from the rest of the gang due to the Boyds' increasing violence. Eventually O'Terry and most of the Boyd cousins were hung at Tyburn for their troubles, leaving Mick to roam the roads alone.

It's hard work for a solo highwayman to rob the roads alone. He never thought of taking on an apprentice, until he found himself attracted to a very unlikely person.

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