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CLICK TRACK began humbly in 1995. I had just launched Patty-Cake, and I didn't have money to start up a second series, but I gave it a trial run in a pair of ashcans. Chapters 1 and 2 got an enthusiastic response, but then it languished. In '98, I was asked by Chris Yambar and George Broderick if I'd like to continue the story for their COMICS LIBRARY INTERNATIONAL collections. Great, I thought, I hated to leave the tale untold. It ran in edited installments, until, in 2001 it was collected in a trade paperback with additional material, printed by Harold Buccholz Print Services. It was scheduled for a grand debut at SPX that year- yes, 2001. As a result, many people never knew the book had come out. Now, after all these years, I hope to present the full, unexpurgated Click Track, with 30 some extra pages never before seen. Many weren't finished at the time; edited out mostly to keep the page count to a set limit. This art is adapted from the cover of the CLI edition, showing Click, America's most washed up matinee idol, and Billie Boyd, the 20-something stunt woman swept up in Click's adventure. Here's the whole first chapter, 26 pages and prologue. Hope to update every one or two months, depending on how fast I can scan the art.
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The ever mysterious Scott Roberts is the creator of the Eisner/Ignatz nominated PATTY-CAKE, and the graphic novel CLICK TRACK. Scott's work is seen regularly in NICKELODEON MAGAZINE and DC's CARTOON NETWORK comics. He is currently the colorist for PRINCE V ... full profile