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The Little Lulu who became famous in the long running Dell comic was, and yet wasn't, the same character that was created by Marjorie Henderson Buell for the Saturday Evening Post. The Dell Lulu, developed and written by the great John Stanley, was a good girl, who used her wits to establish justice, and outsmart the not-so-bright neighborhood boys. Though frequently chased by truant officer Mr. McNabbem, it was always a misunderstanding- Stanley's Lulu would never cut school. Marge's Lulu not only would cut school, she very likely would not be missed by her teachers. Having more in common with Dennis the Menace, she was a wild child, impulsive and single minded. This Lulu took whatever shortcut necessary to achieve her goals, and was handy with a slingshot. Marge, a pioneer in creator's rights, owned the copyright on Lulu, and approved the Stanley version, even softening her own take on Lulu in the many ads she did for Kleenex and other fine products. But at the end of the day, the Dell Lulu and the Post Lulu would probably not have gotten along.
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