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From time to time
From the long lost first Tapestry issue 1996, where it appeared in B&W. Colored on my first iMac, when I barely knew what I was doing. The original art was sold years ago to a collector who wanted the entire story. This was scanned from xeroxes by Marcus Lusk, who brokered the sale. The fence Patty climbs is a touch of irony. When I was about her age, I jumped a similar fence while being chased by a dog. It was then my Dad told me never to show a dog fear. So I guess this is the way I wish it had come out.
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The ever mysterious Scott Roberts is the creator of the Eisner/Ignatz nominated PATTY-CAKE, and the graphic novel CLICK TRACK. Scott's work is seen regularly in NICKELODEON MAGAZINE and DC's CARTOON NETWORK comics. He is currently the colorist for PRINCE V ... full profile