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Readers are always telling me that Patty-Cake should be an animated cartoon. I agree. So why isn't she? Just figure that for every new cartoon you see debut on TV, there are tons that don't get there. Patty has been optioned for development more than once, and went the furthest at Cinar Studios in Canada. They killed the project due to some lame decision to go in a more action oriented direction in their programming. That kind of narrow thinking has hurt me more than once in the cartooning game!! Here's two pieces of production art drawn by some of Cinar's artists. I have lots more if I can remember where it is.
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The ever mysterious Scott Roberts is the creator of the Eisner/Ignatz nominated PATTY-CAKE, and the graphic novel CLICK TRACK. Scott's work is seen regularly in NICKELODEON MAGAZINE and DC's CARTOON NETWORK comics. He is currently the colorist for PRINCE V ... full profile