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Here begins a gallery of all the Patty-Cake covers, starting with the Permanent Press series. These nine issues were self-published between March 1995 and July 1996. The original covers were colored in watercolor and marker, and colored xeroxes were sent to the printer. This usually resulted in disappointingly inaccurate results, but I had no better means at my disposal at the time. Here they are re-colored on my trusty iMac to look the way I wanted them to look. The price and creator credit on the originals were acetate overlays.
The second issue, May '95
The third issue. July 1995. I went to the Spirits of Independence ACE con in Manchester Vermont when this issue was new. That's where I met Marcus Lusk of TALES FROM THE BOG, and Monte Wilson, who created the First Patty-Cake Web Site.
The fourth self-published issue, September 1995 debuted at the Pittstop Comic Con in Pittsburgh. I met Chris Yambar and Pittsburgh's own George Broderick, with whom I worked on many projects.
The last new issue of 1995, Patty's first year in print.
Issue 6 marked Patty's first anniversary in print, and introduced sister Sandy. Things would never be the same.
Though Sandy got to share the cover, this March 1996 issue's real distinction was the introduction of Susie McBee.
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The ever mysterious Scott Roberts is the creator of the Eisner/Ignatz nominated PATTY-CAKE, and the graphic novel CLICK TRACK. Scott's work is seen regularly in NICKELODEON MAGAZINE and DC's CARTOON NETWORK comics. He is currently the colorist for PRINCE V ... full profile