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From time to time
Here's a strip Nickelodeon rejected, and then I subsequently misplaced. I'd have forgotten about it completely, but I was just recently looking through my Nick folders and found it. It was, for whatever reason, misplaced in a Jimmy Neutron folder. Who'da thought to look there? Now that Nick Mag is gone, I wish more than ever they'd bought more Patty-Cake strips. Sure, it's the way of the business, but it bugged me every time they turned any down.
. , (john_peters) says: Do you plan on reviving some of those Patty Cake comics here (or in some other comic/webcomic form)? Not that I'm not enjoying the sketches...
scott roberts (scottartist) says: I hope to. It's just a matter of finding time. I was coloring the first story from the first issue. Just a couple of pages left to do. There are well over a thousand pages of Patty-Cake, both published and unpublished. It;s a lot to sort through!
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The ever mysterious Scott Roberts is the creator of the Eisner/Ignatz nominated PATTY-CAKE, and the graphic novel CLICK TRACK. Scott's work is seen regularly in NICKELODEON MAGAZINE and DC's CARTOON NETWORK comics. He is currently the colorist for PRINCE V ... full profile