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Previously on...oh wait, it's a new series. M'bad!

So what exactly has happened in the interim since Froshies concluded?

Well, let's see... there was a nuclear attack, a pregnancy, and a conversion to Taoism!

Perhaps not, but there isn't exactly anything to tell you. I don't have any canon prepared to let you know what happened.

We can assume they got a summer job, and then came back to attend school. Whatever happened in those months since may or may not be explored in future strips.

[Probably nothing of any great importance anyway]

The characters may seem a little different than when you saw them last. Since L.I.F.E. is no longer being produced, any ranting comics will be found within "Academic Probation". You have been warned!

In today's strip we have Zack and Jason in a typical university ritual... The long forgotten paper that's worth a good chunk of your final mark, being completed in two days! That episode visited me with greater frequency than I would have liked.

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