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Up a Creek began with Scroozle meeting TWT at the cabin. The strip spent its first several weeks establishing itself before it introduced Elsha. Even though its premise was of university students living together before their first year, no mention of school was made until the last week of the series' life. The strip ended with the three characters lost on campus.

Internet sub-cultures and Canadiana proliferated the series. This is due in part with Up a Creek being based on a messageboard guild. The majority of the characters sported fantasy-derived names as the messageboard was located on a Tolkien fansite. This was mentioned somewhat during the strip's run (there were several references to a messagboard, and TWT and Elsha partook in the 2006 Tolkien Gathering in Toronto).

Froshies began with Jay, Scroozle and Elsha beginning their first year of school at an undisclosed Canadian university. The university itself was never featured in the strips and instead took a back seat to the drama that was created by the students living together. Several strips make mention of perceived difficulties stemming from school work (such as midterms and essays).

Drawing upon net and geek culture, the strips placed the characters in unlikely scenarios that were often surreal. What occured in one strip didn't necessarily have repercussions in following strips. There was a great deal of Canadian content thrown in as well. Poutine and hockey played central roles within the series.

Froshies was succeeded by Academic Probation, a series that chronicled the four main characters in their second year of university. In this series, the characters dropped their internet nicknames.

That should bring you up to speed! Sorry for the super-long delay, but I have been super-busy in Korea. I have finally completed the last strips for Academic Probation.


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