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The author, Rodney Wilcoxen, is a long time resident of Florida with his wife and four children.  I originally started out as a writer of science fiction and fantasy, but was bitten by the cartoon bug back in 1999, when I made my initial sketches of Doobbie the penguin and Stu Seagull.  However, life intervened, and I was not able to officially draw Doobbie in his current form until 2003, just after a layoff from my job at that time

Doobbie is drawn on Microsoft Paint.  Most people I talk to do not know how I can draw on paint, especially drawing with a mouse.  To be honest, I would not be able to draw him any other way.  If I were to try to draw Doobbie with a pen and paper, he would end up looking alot different than he does now.  Other than his looks, paint gives me the ability to paste images from previous strips into new ones (I still have to draw new stuff though).