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Eric West
One of the three founders of the House for Wandering Anthros (HoWA), Eric acts as a guardian to the anthros inside. Very intelligent, Eric has some of his own issues to work out, such as knowing when to quit before MAKING HIMSELF INTO A PHOENIX ANTHRO! ... more
Luna Lockwood
A friend of Eric's, Luna is a loyal and trustworthy ally. She acts a bit like a mother figure due to having to watch Wolf 24/7, although she is known to have quite a wild streak. She has trashed quite a few houses with parties before. ... more


Updates every Tuesday and Saturday.

Sorry about this taking so damn long. I've been busy with Pokefarm.org, and not because I'm addicted

You see, I am head of the art department there. As such, I do have a full plate, having to make images, come up with ideas, and manage the team

As such, I am willing to come up with an offer. In exchange for some power over how the comic goes and for partial rights if it hits it big, would someone please do the digital art for me? I can handle the drawing fairly well, but due to a lack of a tablet, well...
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