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Eric West

Birthdate: October 29th, 1991
Species: Phoenix Anthro
-Friends: Jane, Megan, Luna, Wolf, Kristy
-Family: Not featured yet
-Love Interests: Not featured yet
-Enemies/Rivals: Not featured yet

Favourite Food: Chicken, Spinach
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Band: The Ngwoos

Most Hated Food: Gummies
General Hates: Loud noise, being interrupted while in thought, large crowds
Fears: The Dark

Abilities: Knows some fire based magic, Can come back from the dead in a flare of flames
Drawbacks: His magic and revival abilities fail if he is too wet or cold. Weak fighter. Vulnerable to death for 48 hours after coming back to life

Quirks: Easily disinterested, Has a one track mind sometimes

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Updates every Tuesday and Saturday.

Sorry about this taking so damn long. I've been busy with Pokefarm.org, and not because I'm addicted

You see, I am head of the art department there. As such, I do have a full plate, having to make images, come up with ideas, and manage the team

As such, I am willing to come up with an offer. In exchange for some power over how the comic goes and for partial rights if it hits it big, would someone please do the digital art for me? I can handle the drawing fairly well, but due to a lack of a tablet, well...
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