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Smithson Thus Far... ·

Smithson Thus Far...

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Michele "Micki" Wrigley is a freshman art major at Smithson, a small and reasonably prestigious liberal-arts college. Her roommate Gemma is having a much better time than she is. Across the hall, Gemma's arch-enemy Selena has joined 23 Skiddoo, the college's renowned a capella group, not realizing that it's a front for black magic. And a superhero is patrolling the campus, albeit not very well.

Micki has now thwarted a notorious backpack thief, won the attention (if not the heart) of the dashing and very mod Scooter Tanchibi, and met mild-mannered Chuck Tang without catching on to his secret identity.

What's the deal with the R.A. performing medical experiments on fish? Who is the sinister Mr. Gallant, and what's in his briefcase? Why does a girl sometimes levitate outside Selena's window? What does Darryl O'Doyle, the commissured Irish poet, have to do with any of this? Someday, some of these questions will be answered.

Just not this week.

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