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Thanks for reading Narbonic! If you like, you can check out my other comics, art, and writing at

So long!

--Shaenon K. Garrity

Michael Suttkus (suttkus) says:

So long and thanks for all the gerbils!

A. Rand (taellosse) says:

I've never commented much, but I've been following Narbonic almost from the very beginning.  I think a friend of mine turned me on to it sometime in early 2001.  I followed it closely right through the end, and when you started re-running it with the commentary, I happily followed along again.  I am sad to see that it is, at last, over for good.  I read (and quite enjoy) Skin Horse as well, and I read Smithson while it was going, too, but those are different comics - Narbonic was always something special.  I know the archive is still here, and there's always books, but those, too, aren't quite the same.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, amazing job, and thank you.

The Auld Grump (theauldgrump) says:

*Sniffle* Bye, Narbonic....

Evan Kennedy (kneefers) says:

Same boat as Rand, here. Been reading Narbonic off a link from Websnark since way back in '04 or so, been coming back every day since then. Every time I reread it I get bummed that it's ending, and now I'm bummed again. x] Thanks for everything, Shaenon. It was fantastic. :)

David Blake (vivavi) says:

Woo!  Loved it the first time and loved it again!  Best webcomic ever!

tom latham (tom641) says:

I've been reading this comic since I found it through TVTropes a couple years ago, and I can say without a doubt, this is my favorite webcomic ever. I'm really sad to see it's totally done now, but good things can't last forever. Thank you very much for making it, Shaenon!

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