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One of my sporadic and usually unsuccessful efforts at promoting my comic. I never had any idea how to do this type of thing.

I'm pleased that my younger self thought Narbonic had enough iconic moments, two months in, to justify a set of four posters. Way to think positive, Younger Shaenon!

The very perceptive will note that these posters include panels from strips that hadn't yet appeared. Throughout the run of Narbonic, I usually worked 3 or 4 weeks in advance--sometimes more, sometimes less. I used some panels from strips I already had scanned to see if anyone would notice. I don't think anyone did.

Leon Arnott (l) says: That's one giant mug of coffee that Mell's holding. Did I say "giant"? Because I meant "medium size."
Dave III (dave_iii) says: Somehow the word "cripes" just doesn't suit Helen a'tall.
Katrina Twohundred (juniper200) says: I printed these out and hung them on the back of my dorm room door when they first were posted. I think that's when my roommate first started to be wary of me.
Steve Ford (sford) says:

I disagree about "cripes".  It is SO Helen.  As a midwesterner, I can attest to its use by people (of my generation) who avoid profanity.

Forgivme my memory, but do we know where Helen spent her formative years?
Glen Williams (doctor_hu) says: This is about the point where I originally discovered Narbonic on its first run. The pixies remain some of my favorite moments in the Narbonic history.
Tommy McGuire (dave) says: "Insanity, Darkness, and C++ coding" is redundant.
Nahuel Méndez Diodati (chirigami) says:

"I used some panels from strips I already had scanned to see if anyone would notice. I don't think anyone did."

 Hmm, I did notice. I read it some weeks ago, (Yeah, I read six years in two weeks or something... My parents started talking about some "Computer Addiction" or something... So I just HAD to look previous strips for those missing panels, then I realized a explosion and a destroyed wall would suit the future more than the past, so I just kept reading forward.

B Monk (bmonk) says:

Four posters? I only count three.

 Oh well, as they say, there are three types of mathematicians: those who can count, and those who can't.

Tyler Wright (tylgar) says:

Actually, there are four posters, but the Antonio Smith one isn't loading for some reason. 

K. Williams (crazy_quill) says: Is this Artie's first appearance? Hello Artie!
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