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Oh, boy! The first installment of the Victorian serial! This ended up being one of the most popular features in Narbonic. It came about because I was whining and complaining about having to think of something to post on Sunday (a weekly ritual for six and a half long years), and my roommate, Mark, suggested doing a Victorian steampunk serial. He also showed me how to use the duotone setting on Photoshop to create sepia. Thanks, Mark!

I always intended to follow the Victorian serial with other Sunday serials, particularly a Silver Age superhero comic, but it took me the rest of the run of Narbonic to complete this one.

I kept this cover for every installment of the serial, despite the fact that the illustration is pretty bad. I couldn't even draw a circular planet Earth. Sigh. The masthead with the gerbils isn't too bad, though.

My name on the penny-dreadful cover is "S.K. Garrity" because I'm concealing my identity as A Lady.

Leon Arnott (l) says: Your depiction of Earth isn't really that bad. For example, you've cleanly traced the outline of the supercontinent Pangaea - which also identifies the era of the story.

(I must also congratulate you on a rather unique interpretation of Scott McCloud's credo that, in comics, to travel in space is to travel in time as well.)
Samuel Shores (plaidphantom) says:

I think the one thing that could be as awesome as a complete Narbonic book set is a paperback of the complete Victorian storyline.

Bonus points if you can age the paper appropriately. 

Daniel Ross (nentuaby) says:

Oooh, I would totally buy a softcover of The Astoninshing Excursion. Especially if it was magazine bound on cheap pulp paper. :)

 Seriously, that is a promise. If you make this thing, I will be there on the first day of preorders.

Marc Reeve (cmraman) says:

Mark Schumann? Thinnish guy with glasses, a flat-top, and a predilection for calling himself Spaceman Spiff?

 just wondering if it's the same Mark Schumann I knew and hung out with back in college...

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