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Lovely icons.

Oh, look! The very first set of Halloween costumes! I think I got at least one costume photo each year (there might have been one year with no photos), which always made me very happy. I originally had text identifying the folks on the next page; they are Vassar friends Dillon Font, Elizabeth "E" Willse, and Caitlin Feeley. You may recall Caitlin as the winner of the Give Dave a Last Name contest, and Dillon as the guy who said Dave was cute in the "Sexy Bundle of Evil Lovin'" strip.

Tesla really did claim to have invented a death ray capable of shooting airplanes out of the sky from hundreds of miles away. Of course, he was pretty far gone at that point. It's for statements like this that he's the patron saint of mad scientists.

The first Lord of the Rings movie hadn't come out at the time this strip was drawn, so Dave's costume is indeed a little obscure. I think dressing him as Gandalf was another Mark Schumann idea.

Tamara is a college friend. In these early months of the strip, she also made some awesome online paper dolls and stuff.

Basil Jelly (basil_jelly) says:

Fear of billiard balls is a pretty good sign you are dealing with a mad scientist.



Rachel S. (masamage) says: Silly Dave; Gandalf's hat is blue. :)
Andy Holloway (garran) says: Wait a minute -- Madblood hasn't appeared yet! How did he get an icon?
Leon Arnott (l) says: TIME PARADOX.

Please stay calm and proceed to the nearest exit of this universe.

(Even worse! The icon archive link is broken!)
Shaenon Garrity (shaenongarrity) says: I think Tamara added the post-ANTONIO SMITH icons later. Helen's mom and Young Helen are in there too.
Valerie Kaplan (shinyhappygoth) says: Is there perhaps a less jpeggy copy of the icons?  I want to make Windows icon files, but as it is, if I just try to paste 'em in they go all blotchy...
Tea Fougner (teaberryblue) says:

Hmm, I know I have the interactive Mell paper doll saved but I'm not sure about the icons.  The computer those were made on is still around but it's in storage in Albany.

If I ever get that computer back, I can totally look for them.

William Ansley (williamansley) says:

@Dave Van Domelen's comment on the previous page (I couldn't post it there): I disagree about Mel's Killing Urge Sprite's glasses. (I'm sending this message so long after the previous comment was posted that no one will ever see it, most likely. Then again, that gives me the last word.) The lines on the lenses that you think are her eyebrows and eyes are actually just a convention to show that the frames contain glass, which is reflecting light to produce a white surface that completely hides her eyes. This is also the case with Dave's glasses on many occasions: when they appear white with lines on them, they are not "fogged up" as some have said, they are reflecting light. This is a common convention in anime (and I presume, manga, although I haven't read nearly as much of that as I have viewed anime) which I believe Shaenon has adopted. There isn't a lot of manga/anime influence in Narbonic, but Helen, at least at this point in the strip's artistic development, definitely has anime hair and, occasionally, anime expressions.

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