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Oh, great. The second Art Day strip, and I'm already straining to think of ways to dress the characters. I'm not very creative with clothes. These are cute, though, especially Helen swapping out her rose-colored glasses for black ones. Helen's got her 6.02x10^23 mole mug again. I should've drawn that more often.

Tamara and Mee-Lise were both college friends. They'd also both appeared in Sunday features before at this point: Tamara as the creator of the Narbonic icons in last week's strip, and Mee-Lise as the author of the "Love Theme from 'Narbonic.'"

Leon Arnott (l) says: Helen has rose-coloured glasses?
Dave III (dave_iii) says: LOVE her expression in that fifth panel. ^_^
Kathleen Carter (katcar) says: I once heard that if you build a 2km high wall around South Africa and fill it with rice you will need the same number of rice grains as in a mole.
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